A common question we hear is “why would a child need chiropractic?”. The answer to this is simply that children are learning how to move their body either through their first steps, crawling or playing. They are growing and developing so quickly that this movement comes with many falls and injuries. Through chiropractic care you can ensure that your child’s spine properly develops leading to strong muscular development and balance. A child’s first visit to a Doctor of Chiropractic will be one that is pleasant and nurturing. Through regular adjustments, counseling on proper diet, exercise and posture, your chiropractor can help you raise a child who’s body is structurally and functionally sound. Our doctors can help if you are having difficulty breastfeeding or producing milk. They can also offer nutrition checks, allergy testing, and vitamins suggestions to help your little ones grow big and strong.


“Dr.Chrissy is literally the answer to my prayers! My 8 month old baby was still waking up every 1-2 hours at night and I thought I had tried everything. Then I came across Dr.Chrissy and I had a glimmer of hope. After just one adjustment, my daughter slept in 5 hour increments. This is a miracle for me and my daughter. Thank you Dr.Chrissy! Words are just not enough.”


“I brought my daughter, Bailey, to Fife Chiropractic when she was 7 weeks old because she had been experiencing reflux with excessive spit up since birth and nothing we did seemed to help. A friend recommended we try a chiropractor and I figured it couldn’t hurt, so I set out searching for one who works with babies. Enter Dr. Chrissy at Fife Chiropractic! I couldn’t be happier with our experience! Dr. Chrissy not only adjusted Bailey, but also gave us advice on a formula change that has worked wonders for Bailey. We have a completely different, happy baby now and can actually venture out of the house without worrying that she’ll be spitting up constantly until it’s time to start the process over again with the next feeding. Any parent knows that a happy baby makes for happy parents and a happy life. We are indebted to Dr. Chrissy for saving our newborn/infant experience. Bonus – Bailey loves Dr. Chrissy and melts when she starts her adjustment. My baby couldn’t be in better hands.  Thank you!”

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